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Our studio is available for both video and photography shoot hire. This 62m studio space, located just outside of Tel Aviv, boasts a top of the range green screen and 12 set options, including a kitchen, making it the perfect space for all styles of shoots, from recipe vlogs and cookery shows to influencer social videos and editorial shoots.

Our specialised team of producers, directors and editors are able to provide you with a full 360-shoot service, or alternatively you can hire the space and bring in your own team. We are also able to provide catering services.

For more information on our studio or to book your next shoot please call 03-644200.


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Golan Pratzer
CEO & Partner
Eyal Saada
Deputy CEO and Partner
Sarel Denir
VP Business Development
Zvi Plotnitsky
VP Operation
Perez Markish
Creative Vice President
Dana Zilberman
Exeutive Producer
Achiav Netzer
Creative Director
Gil Korin
Tom Factor
Ran Finkelstein
Nessi Bachar
Head of Client Manager department
Ron Rhe
Senior Client Manager
Emily Weissenstein
International Client Manager
Perach Keinan
Client Manager
Adi Sendik
Client Manager
Sharon Baranes
Client Manager
Gili Tabak
Office Manager
Dafna Guy Shtegman
Peach Agendot
Sapir Mauda
Post Production


The key to successful online content is to advertise your brand without appearing as an advertiser. We don’t just encourage you to advertise on YouTube, we will help you to use all YouTube can offer your brand to reach a new client base, whilst retaining your true personality to keep current clients loyal.

As the world is changing, so is the way we engage with brands and communicate to one another. People don’t want to be overtly advertised to, rather brands should influence the way their consumers engage with products. Brands are now turning to public opinion leaders and influencers to promote themselves. There is now a difference between advertising activity and influencer activity and the value they both hold to the consumer.

So why are we looking at this new way of branding? What has happened to traditional advertising?

Before the internet became a new medium of communication, brands were left with few choices when it came to reaching a large audience; TV, newspapers and radio. The impact of advertising on them was huge, but with the transition to digital and the development of how we consume content, there are many more options for brands in terms of advertising. We are now spoilt for choice with forms of media, and brands are even becoming media in themselves. With the power of ‘likes’ and ‘followers’ anyone can become an influencer in their own field and communicate with hundreds of people at the click of a button.


As Israel’s biggest branded content agency, we deliver relevant, inspirational and entertaining content for your desired consumer. We are a full-service agency, working on everything from large scale integrated campaigns to one-off content series. Our expertise ranges across print, digital, social, TV and video bringing innovative and engaging content to your consumer in fresh and exciting ways.
To create a loyal relationship between brand and consumer, a strong market presence is fundamental. Every piece of work we do is planned and executed specifically to your brand purpose, in order to communicate your tone of voice to the world, leaving the reader engaged and informed.
In an age where so much information is available at our fingertips, strong content has the power to grab people’s attention and elevate your brand to the forefront of the marketplace. All content should be viewed as a form of entertainment whilst remaining valuable to the brand. Our aim is to help advertisers and funders create an online presence, communicate with the consumer and influence lifestyle choices. Whether we are producing video or written words, our aim is to create a piece of content that will leave the consumer emotionally engaged with your brand.
We produce content your consumer will love and you’ll be proud of.