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We Are Samsung – Samsung’s Brand Ambassador Campaign
We hand-picked 27 top Israeli Instagram influencers to become brand ambassadors for Samsung. Starting with the launch of the Galaxy A8, we are now driving awareness of new product and software launches with the hashtag #wearesamsung as an ongoing project with the brand. To date this campaign has had over 11 million engagements.
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Football Legends Uncover Their Origins with MyHeritage DNA
As part of a 360° content campaign, in the lead up to the World Cup 2018 we partnered 8 international football legends with MyHeritage DNA. The aim was to show how 8 players from 8 rival countries might have some common ground. Lothar Matthäus, John Barnes, Robert Pires, Gianluca Zambrotta, Hernán Crespo, Gilberto Silva, Luis Garcia and Clarence Seedorf all took part to find out more about their origins. We produced 16 videos in 7 different languages, all shot in 1 day of filming. View the Project

Steve Harvey X MyHeritage DNA: The Reunion
American comedian and household name, Steve Harvey’s TV show has close to 2 million daily viewers. Together with MyHeritage DNA we helped him to reunite a mother and daughter on his NBC TV show.
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Tel Aviv Stock Exchange on Bloomberg News
For 4 years we partnered with Bloomberg to broadcast live from the Tel Aviv Stock Exchange. Our work has enabled Bloomberg to report globally on the Israeli economy and drive interest in investing opportunities in the Israeli stock market.
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Dr. Phil X MyHeritage
Dr. Phil is America’s number 1 daytime TV talk show, entertaining over 5 million viewers daily. As part of our ongoing partnership with MyHeritage, we enabled Dr. Phil to discover his hidden ethnic origins by taking a DNA test live on his show.
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Wall Street Journal X Israel Finance Ministry
To raise awareness of the investment opportunities within the Israeli marketplace, we created an opportunity to host a one day ‘Invest in Israel Summit’ in New York with Rupert Murdoch as the key-note speaker. In addition to extensive coverage from The Wall Street Journal including a special report in print, Fox News also covered the event live throughout the day.
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Steve Harvey X MyHeritage: A Musical Pioneer
To raise awareness about MyHeritage DNA tests, we teamed up with Steve Harvey once again. He hosted Robert F. Europe, along with geneticist and family tree expert Dr. Nathan Pearson. Robert F. Europe had the opportunity to discover more about his great-grandfather, the pioneering musician James Reese Europe.
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Dr. Phil X OrCam: Blind American War Hero
Our client, Orcam, manufactures the world’s most advanced wearable assistive devices for the blind and visually impaired. The devices can read text, recognize faces and money notes by audibly conveying visual information. As part of this project, Dr. Phil hosted a US Army Veteran on his talk show to discuss how OrCam had changed his life. The TV show was viewed by over 5 million people worldwide.
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Steve Harvey X OrCam: Changing Lives
To continue our promotion of OrCam to the American audience, we partnered Steve Harvey with the manufacturer as he hosted a special on his TV show with a child who’s use of OrCam helped him to gain his independence back. The TV show was aired to nearly 2 million international viewers.
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Israel, Land of Creation on National Geographic
With the aim to encourage Israeli tourism from France, we produced a TV series for National Geographic and Voyage in France. This series had 2 seasons with 5 episodes each and was hosted by French journalist Karin Lima. The 360° campaign included online promotions, TV advertising and an online competition. It was aired to a huge global audience.
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Intel on “The Israelis”
We worked with Intel on a content campaign in order to boost recruitment. The video was aimed at a younger audience to promote the lifestyle working at Intel. We filmed at the Intel offices with two Israeli influencers who had a light-hearted approach to finding a job. Promoted over social channels, the video was a huge success in employment marketing.
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Altman X Motherland.tlv
Altman is a bold and courageous company empowering women all over the country. We teamed up with the wonderfully talented women of motherland.tlv in order to create short video skits that speak frankly about aging, skincare and everyday worries for women and men. We asked the nation; “How do you deal with the winkles that come with every day stresses?”
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Shufersal Be Fabulous
Our aim? To support and promote Israel’s new chain of pharmacies, Be. We gave audiences a chance to learn skills in creating the perfect lip colour, stand-out eyebrow shapes and glamorous red carpet looks. We created relatable, educational and fun how-to videos with the latest products to launch from Be’s leading brands.
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Africana X Anna Aronov
We followed professional dancer and influencer, Anna Aronov, on her journey to compete in the 2018 Kenya Marathon. Anna’s trip was filmed as a documentary to promote a national treasure running the marathon. It captured the raw emotion involved in training, running and achieving a lifelong dream. The entire series was aired daily on Walla.co.il for two weeks and promoted both the marathon, Anna Aronov and Turkish Coffee.
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Kids Talk
‘Kids Talk’ is a one-of-a-kind video series which poses questions to a group of children. The aim was to produce exclusive content in a light-hearted manner, touching on subjects we all discuss daily. The results were not only informative and socially interesting, they were hilarious and truly surprising.
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Ikea Video Guides
Combatting the problem that Ikea assembly guides can be more confusing than helpful, we constructed a series of online videos that breaks down the instruction manuals in a helpful, visual format. The brief was to provide an audience with how-to guides on assembling Ikea products with maximum efficiency and minimum confusion.
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Samgal X Mako: 40 Architects and Designers You Should Know
To celebrate the rise of the architectural industry in Israel, We collaborated with Mako Living and Samgal Kitchens. Once again raising awareness to the growing economy in Israel and promoting home-grown talent, we created a list of the 40 people in architecture you need to know about right now. A range of ages and backgrounds were included and this gave us a chance to show off some of Israel’s most beautiful and impactful architectural projects.
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We Are Samsung Continued…
Following an incredible breakthrough year, this one-of-a-kind project has expanded for 2019. Top influencers such as Omer Hazan, Tom Aviv and Anna Zack, were joined by Rotem Sela, Aviv Alush, Noa Kirel, Yonatan Margi, Kim Or Azulay, Niv Sultan and many more, in our Samsung community. In the past year we have generated tens of millions of organic views and engagements plus thousands of new followers to Samsung’s social channels.
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Another Day by Aviv Alush and Elai Botner
The ‘We Are Samsung’ team joined up with musicians Aviv Alush and Elai Botner and the ‘Nalaga’at’ Center for deaf, blind and deaf-blind individuals to create an inspirational music video. In order to promote Samsung’s latest technology, we aimed to show people that music isn’t just something you hear, it’s something you feel.
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Backstreet Boys X MyHeritage DNA
To coincide with the launch of their new album “DNA” we partnered MyHeritage with the Backstreet Boys for a two-part series to help each member discover his individual DNA and ethnic origins
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Our Studio

Our studio is available for both video and photography shoot hire. This 62m studio space, located just outside of Tel Aviv, boasts a top of the range green screen and 12 set options, including a kitchen, making it the perfect space for all styles of shoots, from recipe vlogs and cookery shows to influencer social videos and editorial shoots.

Our specialised team of producers, directors and editors are able to provide you with a full 360-shoot service, or alternatively you can hire the space and bring in your own team. We are also able to provide catering services.

For more information on our studio or to book your next shoot please call 03-644200.


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The key to successful online content is to advertise your brand without appearing as an advertiser. We don’t just encourage you to advertise on YouTube, we will help you to use all YouTube can offer your brand to reach a new client base, whilst retaining your true personality to keep current clients loyal.

As the world is changing, so is the way we engage with brands and communicate to one another. People don’t want to be overtly advertised to, rather brands should influence the way their consumers engage with products. Brands are now turning to public opinion leaders and influencers to promote themselves. There is now a difference between advertising activity and influencer activity and the value they both hold to the consumer.

So why are we looking at this new way of branding? What has happened to traditional advertising?

Before the internet became a new medium of communication, brands were left with few choices when it came to reaching a large audience; TV, newspapers and radio. The impact of advertising on them was huge, but with the transition to digital and the development of how we consume content, there are many more options for brands in terms of advertising. We are now spoilt for choice with forms of media, and brands are even becoming media in themselves. With the power of ‘likes’ and ‘followers’ anyone can become an influencer in their own field and communicate with hundreds of people at the click of a button.


As Israel’s biggest branded content agency, we deliver relevant, inspirational and entertaining content for your desired consumer. We are a full-service agency, working on everything from large scale integrated campaigns to one-off content series. Our expertise ranges across print, digital, social, TV and video bringing innovative and engaging content to your consumer in fresh and exciting ways.
To create a loyal relationship between brand and consumer, a strong market presence is fundamental. Every piece of work we do is planned and executed specifically to your brand purpose, in order to communicate your tone of voice to the world, leaving the reader engaged and informed.
In an age where so much information is available at our fingertips, strong content has the power to grab people’s attention and elevate your brand to the forefront of the marketplace. All content should be viewed as a form of entertainment whilst remaining valuable to the brand. Our aim is to help advertisers and funders create an online presence, communicate with the consumer and influence lifestyle choices. Whether we are producing video or written words, our aim is to create a piece of content that will leave the consumer emotionally engaged with your brand.
We produce content your consumer will love and you’ll be proud of.