How to Produce Valuable Videos That Will Succeed on TikTok

We sat down for a discussion with Itamar Aharoni, Peach Content’s newest creative delegate
with over 116K followers on TikTok and 10 million views on YouTube. Our discussion focused on how to create exciting, click-worthy content on Tiktok.

?How does Aharoni keep his audience engaged and involve
1.Keep It Interesting
I realized watching straight content or dialogue for a long period of time, like watching a 2-hour movie, for example, can get boring very quickly. It is more interesting to hear and see an explanation of how something is done than to simply watch it being done. Tutorials have proven to increase engagement; it allows the viewer to think actively and participate in the content.
2. Gives Value
People are inclined to save a video and share it with their friends and family because the content is interesting and valuable to them.

3. Conversation Starter
Imagine a video showing a cool outfit. The only response or reaction to that type of video is “Wow, what a nice outfit.” However, when you create a video explaining how the pockets on the jeans in he outfit are made, people ask questions like “Why is the hem placed in that spot,” or start to debate whether or not they agree with one another. This allows for increased engagement and leaves room to continue developing the topic at hand.
4. The Power of Video

The power of TikTok is that it doesn’t truly matter the size of your account page. What matters is the quality of your video. Every video that is published on the app is like a newborn baby, thrown into the world, trying its luck on the ForYou section on TikTok. Every video has an equal opportunity to succeed, they all start on the same playing field fighting for likes and comments just like any other video on the app


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Tips For A Successful Video On A Tikok Page That Delivers Professional Content
1. Enthusiasm and Passion – Speak enthusiastically. You need to be connected to what you
are talking about so that your message can resonate with others.
2. Start with a question – If you begin your video by presenting a problem or raising a
question, you are preventing the viewer from scrolling down and moving past your video.
3. Speak simply – Communicate your thoughts in a way that resembles a cordial
conversation between friends. Speak clearly and thoughtfully. When a viewer gets the sense that they are there with you, the chances of them scrolling past your content in the
middle are significantly smaller.
4. Aim for two levels – Sound and Visuals. Your video should be comprehendible whether
or not sound is available to the viewer, and vice versa. Incorporate captioned speech and
subtitles. The chances of a successful video are increased exponentially.

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