Yedidim Organization

Peach Agendot

After 9‭ ‬months of developing a social strategy‭, ‬the collaboration between Yellow and the Yedidim organization was launched‭, ‬to benefit Israel’s drivers community‭. ‬Yellow’s promotional slogan‭ ‬“With you‭, ‬all the way”‭ ‬was elevated to‭ ‬“Helping you‭, ‬all the way”‭ ‬and alongside‭ ‬“Yedidim‭, ‬helping on the way”‭ -‬

As part of our project strategy‭, ‬a distress button was added to Yellow’s app that allows the user to contact the Yedidim organization for help quickly and efficiently‭. ‬Additionally‭, ‬100‭ ‬life-saving rescue kits and 1000‭ ‬child kits‭ (‬designed to rescue children from locked vehicles‭) ‬were distributed to Yedidim volunteers‭, ‬thanks‭ ‬to the generosity of Paz‭.‬

As part of the‭ ‬“Car Days”‭ ‬digital campaign‭, ‬for every triangle reflector kit purchased‭, ‬Yellow donated 5‭ ‬shekels to the Yedidim organization‭. ‬Lastly‭, ‬the‭ ‬project also included employee volunteering‭, ‬recruiting and training volunteers year-round‭, ‬and ongoing interaction with Yedidim volunteers‭.‬

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