– The Lone Soldier Center

In Memory of Michael Levin

Peach Agendot

The fundraising project was launched in December to benefit The Michael Levin Lone Soldier Center’s program for lone soldiers with no family backbone in Israel‭. ‬The project premiered on Walla’s website and culminated with a live fundraising event and several articles‭, ‬30‭ ‬million impressions via premium placements and numerous content promotions‭. ‬The event was hosted by Merav Miller and Tikva 6‭ ‬that volunteered their time and were particularly moving‭. ‬Thanks to the project 400‭ ‬thousand shekels were raised‭, ‬primarily thanks to Agendot’s business partners including Beitili‭, ‬Good Pharm and Melach Haaretz‭.‬

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