Staying Together


COVID-19 has changed the world as we know it. As everything was shutting down and we all had to stay indoors,

we realized that now, more than ever, brands have a social responsibility.

Samsung’s slogan “Do What You Can’t” suddenly had a whole new meaning.

We wanted to support the Israeli public in coping with this impossible situation.


To encourage people to stay at home, we created the song “Staying Together”, produced by Jordi and performed by the #We_are_samsung team. The piece was created as part of the #staying_home_together _with_galaxy project.

The team members, including leading Israeli stars, came together to cheer up and do some good during these days of uncertainty, because even though each of us is home alone, we’re still together.

The song and video were recorded, filmed and produced indoors, without anyone ever leaving their home.

We were happy to see that we can move and entertain so many people even during difficult times. We received heartwarming responses for the project across the web. Some of our viewers even uploaded their own version of the song.

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