Magen Israel –

Corona campaign


Gamzo Project:

Over the past year our reality has significantly changed. Israel, along with the entire world, had to deal with COVID19 and its many impacts

Our goal was to raise awareness among teens about wearing masks, maintaining social distance and hygiene guidelines,

and inspire them to use their power to become ambassadors and lead the way towards a fundamental behavioral change in our society.

As part of the project, an original song was produced and composed by two leading Israeli composers – Doli and Penn,

and performed by music stars Itay Levy, Agam Buhbut, Anna Zak and Kevin Rubin on TikTok.


After the video launch, we embarked on the #Shmoralay challenge in collaboration with TikTok Israel

to increase awareness and motivate our target audience to take action.

itay levy
Anna zak
agan buhbut
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