Team Nespresso


Nespresso’s premium team was created to grow the awareness‭, ‬popularity and PTO of the overall Nespresso brand‭,

as well as generate more buzz about their Vertuo coffee machines among end customers‭.‬

A team of seven brand ambassadors‭, ‬consisting of creators and influencers from various content environments‭, ‬accompany the brand‭ ‬as part of the‭ ‬“Always On”‭ ‬project‭, ‬utilizing social posts and stories that communicate brand visibility and position the consumer perception of Nespresso‭ ‬as a sustainable brand‭.‬


Throughout the project we created videos documenting flagship launches and produced content designed to elevate the desirability‭ ‬and awareness of Nespresso‭.‬ The Nespresso team‭, ‬now into their second year‭, ‬continues to gain visibility and popularity‭.‬

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