Fundraising day for NATAL 2021


The case of Itzik Saidian, the soldier who set himself on fire to protest the state’s treatment of disabled soldiers caused a stir and outrage among IDF disabled and post-trauma survivors due to a national event.
In addition to the demonstrations and the demand for a change of conduct, there was an awakening and legitimacy to speak and ask for help.
There was a 900% (!) Increase in the number of referrals to the NATAL organization’s helpline by injured and painful fighters.
We need funding to use all those contestants, Agendot were called for the flag and within a week a special fundraising day was raised for the Natal 12 organization, which also included a special program of “Live at Night” hosted by Nadav Bornstein, the morning program “Paula and Leon” and”Good Evening with Guy Pines” In addition, first on a variety of platforms such as Mako, N12, Walla, Maariv, Israel Today, Globes and more.
We thank Bank Hapoalim and the bit app, as well as Harel Insurance, for being a significant anchor and assisting with its increase, financing and financing of the fundraising project.

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