YouTube and Glgz promote female artists and balance Israel’s soundtrack

,Even in 2021, women are still far from gaining equality. Specifically in the music industrywhere there are fewer female singers, writers and producers than their male counterparts Only a quarter of the music produced and promoted by the Israeli music industry is written or performed by women. Only 20% of the videos on YouTube’s end of the year .charts are by female artists


We therefore disrupted the Israeli soundtrack by joining YouTube and Galgalaz to lead a female-focused, kicking project featuring Keren Peles, Doron Talmon (Jane Bordo), Nasrin Kadri, Neta Barzilay and Eden Darso, encouraging 

.women to continue creating music


.The result is a breathtaking, inspiring song entitled Boom, alongside an accompanying campaign video featuring the five singers

keren peles
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