After me‭! ‬Building a Career

Peach Agendot

Agendot has recently launched the‭ ‬“After me‭! ‬Building a Career”‭ ‬program‭, ‬designed to assist 20-30-year-olds that have been significantly impacted by the coronavirus pandemic‭, ‬and need to create careers that match new job market characteristics‭. ‬The program offers assistance in a variety of ways including professional‭ ‬training‭, ‬personal mentorships and help integrating into the workforce‭, ‬utilizing connections and affiliations Agendot has developed with major Israeli employers‭.‬

One out of every four individuals who learned about the project has signed up‭. ‬Agendot assisted with developing internal organizational resources and maximizing results‭, ‬while developing and executing the optimal marketing strategy for the project with Keshet 12‭ ‬and Mako‭.‬

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