Fundraising Day for Halasartan 2022


Musical show, a tribute to Ik singer Zvika Pick with the participation of the greatest Israeli artists. This show, which aired in May 2022 on Keshet12, was intended to raise money for ‘Halasartan’- an association that supports people who have cancer and are recovering, as well as a support network for everyone affected by cancer.
During the two-hour broadcast, over 7 million NIS were donated, 1.5 million of them came from a business sector composed by Agendot!
And what do ‘Halasartan’ do with all the money donated?
Establishing clinics for young people in all oncology institutes across the country
Treatments and support for young people throughout the period of illness and recovery
A 24/7 digital space for counseling and assistance
Weekly support groups
Accompanying new patients to hospitals from the moment of diagnosis
Rehabilitation programs for return to work
Desert workshops for recovery, and support for research.

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