Advertisements for the Parkinson’s Association 2022


As part of the International Parkinson’s Awareness Month in April 2022, we created a myth-breaking move for the Parkinson’s Association in Israel with the theme – “I have Parkinson’s in my life, but my life is not Parkinson’s.”
Several short films aired on Reshet13, featuring young Parkinson’s patients who briefly spoke about themselves and by showing close-up shots of their tremors, revealed that they also have Parkinson’s. The idea is to show that the disease does not define the individual, but is a part of their identity.
There were a total of 90,706 exposures for the digital move.
Also, banners, interviews, text, and video articles were promoted on the websites ‘Walla’ and ‘Maariv’, and a podcast was broadcast on the 103FM website and app.
The main goals of the move were:
Raising awareness of the organization and disease
Link International Parkinson’s Day to the organization
Leverage the innovation conference that occurred
Our primary goal was accomplished, as the number of visitors to the association’s website increased by 31%.

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