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An advertising agency would tell you to advertise on YouTube, while we will tell you to use YouTube.
An influential world, The network is moving forward and more and more brands are using public opinion leaders to promote themselves. Behind this process there must be a media approach that transfers the bulk of advertising activity from traditional media to human media based on the audience of the influencer's followers. What is this approach? And why is it worth money to so many brands?
What happened to the traditional media?

Brands that wanted to reach large audiences in the past were left with very few choices and media: television, newspaper and radio. The impact of advertising on them was tremendous and effective, but with the transition to digital and the development of consumption of deferred content, the channels in which brands can purchase media have become very different. Infact, became media in their own right. The accumulation of followers has become a cult that the entire public pursues and media outlets in their own right.

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